Who We Are

Get to Know Grace Unleashed

is a Christian outreach organization that works in partnership with area churches and through our own community-focused ministry programs.

Prayer, Music and Worship are at the Heart of our Ministry

We gather around Jesus Christ
to live in his Word, share in his Spirit & unleash God’s grace in the world!

Individuals to know the saving love of Jesus Christ

Reaching people who are seeking for God to be known and real in their lives.

believers to live in the Word of God.

Unleashing God’s grace through relevant programs of evangelism and discipleship.


our God in spirit and truth.

Building God’s Kingdom and His Church.

We help individuals reconnect with God’s heart
and help invite new friends into faith community. We do this through ministry programs that are:


as relevant, accessible programs of evangelism and discipleship.

By “relevant” we mean connecting: heart-to-heart.
By “accessible” we mean inviting and easily entered: friend-to-friend.


by a body of believers.

Our ministry partners are partners in prayer, partners in ministry activities and financial partners in support of our ministry programs.


in lived values.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to prayer, personal development and ministry development in their own lives.

Our Prayer
for ministry is that …


we may know God’s calling for ourselves and for this ministry.

Listening to God in prayer, scripture and in the guiding counsel of others.


we choose to boldly follow the path of Jesus.

Living in hope, living in love, living in grace.


we reflect the saving love of Jesus.

Unleashing God’s grace God’s and building God’s Kingdom and his Church.

Executive Director

Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins is a worship leader, pastor, ministry consultant, and songwriter with a passion for helping individuals experience God’s indwelling presence. With thirty years experience serving God and His church, Atkins shares spiritual, ministerial, and practical lessons in worship conferences, speaking engagements, videos, and written works.
Chris is married to his wife Terese, and lives near Minneapolis, MN. They have four children.